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Scleral Buckle

Diagram of detached retina (left)
and reattached after buckling (right)
Scleral Buckling is the traditional method for repairing retinal detachment. The buckle is a band made of silicone. It is secured to the eye and presses the wall of the eye towards the middle of the eye. This brings the wall of the eye (the sclera) closer to the retina and combined with freezing treatment (cryo-therapy) or laser treatment helps the retina re-attach. Sometimes scleral buckling is combined with vitrectomy. Also, special gases are sometimes placed in the eye at the time of surgery. The buckle usually remains on the eye forever unless a problem develops and it needs to be removed. Buckles are rarely removed unless infected or exposed. These occur in less than 1 in 100 cases.

Your surgeon will decide based on the type and appearance of your retinal detachment whether scleral buckling is the appropriate procedure.
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